Product distribution is job one at Lentus. We understand the value of established distribution networks and a flexible approach to packaging and special requests.

As a distributor for DuPont, GREAT STUFF™, Froth-Pak™, Advanced Gloves and a Master Distributor for Dow Corning sealants, Lentus has spent years developing distribution networks and sales channels along with a methodology that works.

Our flexibility in being able to advance order in bulk along with our own warehousing capabilities means we can service orders with large and small volumes effectively. Special requests surrounding orders are no problem. We can fulfill custom packaging requirements and can meet the most challenging delivery timelines on time every time.

In a partnership with Lentus, you can instantly take advantage of our distribution networks across North America with the ability to scale and expand across the entire Western Hemisphere. Our sales representatives understand the needs of each individual client and communicate their order requirements to our fulfillment team to get your goods to them as quickly as possible. Shipping products to North America from overseas can take weeks or even months; from our centrally-located warehouse, we can provide your goods to your customers in a matter of days.

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