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Be sure you've thought of everything you'll need to distribute your products throughout North America.
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Partner with lentus
Lentus takes your products to market across the western hemisphere fast. With our broad market knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and over 80,000 square feet of warehouse space, we can handle the heavy lifting on this side of the world.
As a Master Distributor of Dow's DOWSIL™ products, we have developed the logistics infrastructure, customer service, and sales networks to deliver, market, and sell your product to a wide range of industries.
Let Lentus help take your business to the next level!
less than
90 days
to bring you into North American markets
More than
80,000 ft2
warehouse space is ready for your goods

We are problem solvers

As a distribution partner, Lentus delivers all you need to succeed. We are problem solvers who can find the right solution to your distribution challenges.

Like any successful business, yours is going to be challenged from time to time with special order requirements, problems providing solutions at the scale your customers require, or special packaging and delivery timelines that make providing your product more difficult. Bring Lentus your problems and we'll deliver solutions.

Our organization is built to be flexible so that we can provide customized solutions where others just can't compete. Whatever the problem, Lentus is up to the challenge bringing our years of experience to solve your problem. We've seen it all and we know how to get things done.

Why partner with Lentus

Experience matters and Lentus delivers. As a distributor for DuPont, GREAT STUFF™, Froth-Pak™, Advanced Gloves and a Master Distributor for Dow Corning sealants, Lentus has years of experience in the service of well-known brands solving distribution challenges and creating scale solutions that work. ​

Distribution Network

Established distribution network in key wholesale and retail markets includes the most talented and well-connected sales representatives available who will be selling your products to the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Experienced Sales Team

Our team has industry knowledge and connections to get to decision-makers in order to get your products into distribution.

U.S. Based Team

Trained staff in the U.S. prepared to service customers who understand the language and customs.


With headquarters centrally located in Kentucky, we can easily fulfill orders large and small across North America.


Track outstanding invoices and terms for payment and financially service overhead while waiting for payment.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding competition in the U.S. to help with setting price points, marketing strategy, and more.

Freight Relationships

Developed and maintained freight relationships to have competitive shipping costs and reliable delivery.


Generating interest in your product, educating customers, and promoting products.

Lentus is proud of the partnerships we have developed with brands customers know and love

Some of the most respected brands in the world choose Lentus as their distribution partner, and you should too.

Our support of these brands has earned us a reputation that is unmatched in the industries we serve. The Lentus difference is that we don't just deliver products as ordered. We assist our partners with solutions to special requirements, time challenges, and scale solutions.

Partner with Lentus