Get the Lucas Grease Increase

Get the Lucas Grease Increase

When it comes to grease, quality matters. Lucas Oil’s high-quality industrial greases increase the interval of time between regular maintenance applications of grease to your equipment. That means our longer-lasting greases give less downtime and increased productivity. And we all know what that means… increased profit.

Lucas Oil Commitment

For over 30 years, Lucas Oil has produced the toughest, highest-quality American-made products for trucking, automotive, and industrial needs. These high-quality products are designed to provide higher productivity and reduced downtime for your operation’s machinery.

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Lucas offers a wide variety of greases that provide the highest level of performance and protection in each situation, and Lentus is proud to partner with them to be the Master Distributor for industrial applications of oil and lubricant products in several areas. For more information on our Lucas Oil products, contact us today

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