Need a Hand with your Welding Work?

Need a Hand with your Welding Work?

Bear Knuckles™ Brand Welding Gloves gives you the freedom of movement to make the most demanding welding work seem easy. The creator of this brand, Shawn Schild, began designing gloves over 20 years ago. Shawn was a competitive bareback rider in Rodeo. His mission was to create a glove that could provide an advantage in grip strength while also offering protection for his hand. Since then, Shawn Schild’s gloves have become the standard in bareback riding.

Bear Knuckles™ is bringing the patented Double Wedge™ ergonomic design to the workingman and woman. These gloves are built with curved fingers that mimic the natural build of your hand. This provides a durable leather glove that not only has an improved grip, but reduces fatigue as well.

The Bear Knuckles™ W572 Extreme Curve Welder Glove is a rugged cowhide welding glove that showcases all of the best features of Bear Knuckles™.


  • Patented Double Wedge design (Extreme Curved Finger)

  • 7″ Tapered Split leather cuff

  • Full seam gussets for longer lasting construction

  • Minimized seams for less stitching wear

  • Ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue

  • Less stress on gloves that will create a longer life

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