Your Trusted Dow Propylene Glycol Supplier

Your Trusted Dow Propylene Glycol Supplier

Lentus, as your dedicated Dow propylene glycol supplier, has solidified this position through strategic investments like our chiller tanks and warehouse infrastructure. These assets enable us to provide reliable and timely glycol solutions, ensuring your operations run smoothly year-round. Our commitment to being your trusted glycol partner remains unwavering.

Here’s a brief overview of the featured glycol products:

DOWFROST™: Ideal for food-grade applications

DOWFROST™ HD: Engineered for higher operating temperatures

DOWCAL™ 200: Ensures aluminum safety

Our products are available in various sizes, including 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon pails (24 per pallet), 55-gallon drums (4 per pallet), and 275-gallon totes. We offer customizable concentrations for pails, drums, and totes. Best of all, our glycols are readily in stock and ready to ship. We’re here to meet your glycol needs efficiently and effectively.

For a quote, call 270-765-2212 or email orders@LentusLLC.com.

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