Three layers of protection with Handy Antibac™

Three layers of protection with Handy Antibac™

Do you need masks to protect yourself and others? The Handy Antibac™ masks have three layers of Spunbond Polypropylene to extend your protection. The non-surgical and non-medical masks protect you from odors, droplets, dust, pollen, pollution, and more. They are made with comfort in mind with the adjustable nose strip and round elastic ear loops providing a secure fit. Wear the Handy Antibac™ 3 Layer Protection Mask as personal protection at home, work, public places, or while traveling.


  • Made from triple layered Spunbond Polypropylene (SPP)
  • Adjustable nose strip
  • Round elastic ear loop
  • Made by ultrasonic welding technology which provides strong bonding of mask and ear loop
  • Comes with a smart pull dispenser box
  • 50 masks per box

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