On-the-go germ protection

On-the-go germ protection

Handy Antibac™ Antiseptic Hand Sanitizing Wipes contain 75% ethyl alcohol that kills germs and decreases bacteria on your hands without water. The wipes are infused with Aloe Vera that moisturizes hands as it sanitizes. Handy Antibac™ Antiseptic Hand Sanitizing Wipes are perfect for life on the go and easily fit into handbags, school bags, pockets, and car glove boxes. The wipes come in convenient 10 pack and 50 pack sizes for individuals, small families, and businesses.


  • 75% Ethyl alcohol kills germs
  • Rinse-free hand sanitizing with added Aloe Vera to moisturize hands
  • Suitable to use in and out of the home
  • Comes in travel sizes for on-the-go-protection
  • More convenient and less messy than liquid or gel hand sanitizers

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