NEW multi-purpose hybrid sealant

NEW multi-purpose hybrid sealant

Pre-order the NEW LENTEK™ 172 Hybrid Sealant! The hybrid sealant is a one-part, moisture cure adhesive that cures to form a durable rubber with excellent UV and weather resistance. It is VOC compliant and an eco-friendly sealant that is 100% solid and will not slump. The sealant is paintable and non-corrosive making it an excellent alternative to polyurethane, silicone, solvent-based, and other adhesive/sealant chemistries. LENTEK 172 is available in white, black, gray, and bronze. We will be shipping the multi-purpose hybrid sealant by the first of July.


  • Paintable within 24 hours
  • VOC compliant and meets California Prop 65
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Robust adhesion
  • Can be used on a broader variety of substrates compared to other high-performance sealants
  • Service temperate range of -50ºF to 220ºF
  • Available in white, black, gray, and bronze
  • 12 cartridges per case
  • Cures to wet substrates without negative effects
  • 100% solids, will not shrink
  • Excellent elongation & long-term physical properties
  • Easy to dispense & tool at a variety of temperatures
  • Non-slump, can use on overhead & vertical applications
  • Low odor, eco-friendly formulation


  • Windows & doors
  • Concrete & masonry
  • Roofing & siding
  • Joint Sealant
  • Trailer & RV manufacturing
  • Walk-In freezer manufacturing & installation
  • General construction
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Weather sealing
  • Subfloor
  • Landscape adhesive

Contact Lentus to pre-order LENTEK 172 Hybrid Sealant by calling 270-765-2212 or emailing orders@LentusLLC.com.

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