L-200 Work Gloves Make It Easy to Stay Cool

L-200 Work Gloves Make It Easy to Stay Cool

If you’re looking for a work glove that offers excellent protection while still providing breathability, the LENTEK L-200 Work Glove is for you. These gloves feature a nylon liner with micro-pores ensuring comfort and breathability, and a tough coating on the working side of the gloves is textured for extra strong gripping. This is a great all-purpose glove perfect for use in the HVAC/R-Plumbing, warehousing, and manufacturing industries.

Make It Easy

The comfortable nature of the L-200 Work Glove allows the glove to form conveniently around your hands, while the nitrile foam coating provides excellent breathability, reducing sweating. Less sweating and moisture mean the L-200s are going to last longer than competitors’ gloves and keep you comfortable throughout the summer season.

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