Keep that engine alive

Keep that engine alive

Light enough for an import – Tough enough for a semi. Lucas Oil Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer is used in new equipment which requires synthetic oils or any equipment that needs enhanced performance. It can also be used to protect new and used Heavy Duty and High Performance transmissions, gear boxes and engines. Controls heat and wear in motorcycles, air-cooled engines and all drive train components. Reduces friction for increased power and MPG.


  • Increase oil life by at least 50%

  • Reduces oil consumption

  • Eliminates dry starts

  • Raises oil pressure

  • Increases power and MPG


  • 10130: 1 Quart (Case of 12) – 25 lbs

  • 10131: 1 Gallon (Case of 4) – 33 lbs

  • 10134: 55 Gallon Drum – 440 lbs

To order Lucas Oil Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer call 270-765-2212 or email orders@LentusLLC.com.

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