Industrial motor oils never worked harder

Industrial motor oils never worked harder

With August being one of the hottest months in the year, your industrial motor oils have to work harder. Your motor oils have to stand up to the hottest heat and driest atmosphere of the year. Be sure to change your oil often and always use the best. Use Lucas Oil industrial motor oils. Lucas Oil provides a pretty slick solution to every industrial motor oil situation including:

· Heavy Duty CK-4 Diesel Oils

· SAE 15W-40 Magnum CI-4

· SAE 30

· SAE 10W-30

· SAE 20W-50

· Synthetic SAE 5W-30

· Synthetic SAW 10W-30

· Synthetic SAE 20W-50

Your Lentus representative is always available to help you make sure you’re picking the right oil for your industrial specifications. If you can provide a sample of your current oil, we can evaluate your oil specifications under laboratory conditions and then specify the best Lucas Oil solution for you.

Contact Lentus today to learn more about the Lucas Industrial Motor Oils we carry, and to see how we can help you find the best oils for your unique needs.

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