Employee Feature: Chase Powell

Employee Feature: Chase Powell

Introducing Chase, an integral part of the Lentus team. Chase supervises the warehouse operations and Glycol production, ensuring orders are handled safely and efficiently. Lentus is pleased to have Chase as a valuable member of our team.

How long have you been with the Lentus team? It will be five years in February. The team is like family, and it’s been an amazing opportunity.

What motivates you to start your day with Lentus? I enjoy the work we do. It’s rarely boring, and I feel a sense of pride in knowing we get things done and do it right. I also look forward to being around the people I work with.

What are some hobbies, fun facts, or movies that you enjoy outside of work?

My main job outside of work is raising my two kids with my wonderful wife, Chelsea. Andrew is six, and Nora will be two in December. Other than that, I am just a huge nerd. I follow Ashoka on Disney Plus and am a HUGE Star Wars fan, which anyone at the warehouse can attest to.

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