DOWFROST HD Heat Transfer Fluid for Use in Ground Source Heat Pumps

DOWFROST HD Heat Transfer Fluid for Use in Ground Source Heat Pumps

Industry standards for ground source heat pump applications do not currently exist. Typically, the choice of fluids has been determined by three performance considerations: antifreeze/freeze-point depressant capability, heat-transfer efficiency, and initial cost to fill the system.

Dow has been supplying the HVAC industry with heat transfer fluids for many years. It has become clear that a more detailed evaluation is necessary when choosing the right fluid for use in ground source heat pumps in order to maintain optimized system performance and minimize long-term costs. Choosing the best heat transfer fluid for your machine requires the consideration of several criteria.

Because this application calls for underground installation of fluids, serious consideration must be given to environmental and handling implications. Additionally, while heat transfer efficiency is a critical aspect, selecting the right fluid should also be based on longer-term considerations as well, such as protecting equipment from damage or loss due to corrosion.

The ideal fluid for use in ground source heat pumps would include the following characteristics:

  • Minimal Regulatory Considerations

  • Low Toxicity and Flammability

  • Efficient Heat Transfer

  • Corrosion Protection

  • Proven Utility

  • Total Cost

You’ll find DOWFROST HD Heat Transfer Fluid performs exceptionally well in regards to all of these characteristics. This fluid is a great way to prolong fluid lifetime and to get the most out of your machine’s longevity while reducing maintenance and replacement costs in the long-term.

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