Aluminum safe heat transfer fluid

Aluminum safe heat transfer fluid

DOWCAL™ 200 is a propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluid for use in a wide range of industrial, construction, and infrastructure applications, mainly recommended for heating applications. Low acute toxicity makes it especially suitable for applications where toxicity is a concern. It is formulated to provide long lasting and efficient corrosion protection, particularly for aluminum alloys. DOWCAL 200 is available in 1 gal bottles, 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums, and 275 gal totes.


  • Free of nitrite, borax and CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic)

  • Recommended operating temperature range between -50° F to 350° F (-46° C to 121° C), depending on concentration

  • Low acute oral toxicity

  • Improved corrosion protection, in particular for aluminum alloys

  • Compatible with commonly used elastomers

  • Hard water stability to enable use with local tap water

  • Long fluid lifetime, lowering maintenance cost

  • Recommended use at minimum 30% concentration for corrosion protection


  • Solar heating

  • Floor heating

  • Snow melting systems

  • Process heating

  • Heat recovery

  • Cooling of electronic systems and components

  • Wind turbine systems

  • Photo-voltaic (PV) inverters

  • Data center cooling

  • Ice skating rinks

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