The Advantages of DOWFROST™

The Advantages of DOWFROST™

DOWFROST™, a pharmaceutical-grade fluid, excels in freeze protection and low toxicity when diluted with water. Unlike plain glycols, it fights glycol degradation effectively, making water less corrosive. Its corrosion inhibitors maintain pH levels and prevent degradation. DOWFROST offers long-term thermal oxidation stability. Notably, DOWFROST is safe for incidental contact with drinking water, FDA-cleared as a food additive, and Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS). It’s also chemically accepted by the USDA for specific food processing applications.

These qualities make DOWFROST the preferred choice for environments requiring low toxicity and environmentally friendly heat transfer fluids, like schools and hospitals. It delivers freeze protection down to -60°F and burst protection down to -100°F, making it versatile and dependable.

DOWFROST stands out as a top-tier propylene glycol-based fluid, offering superior freeze protection, corrosion resistance, and safety in various applications. Its pharmaceutical-grade quality and FDA clearance for food-related use make it a trusted and versatile choice for your fluid needs.

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