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DOWSIL is THE Reliable Source Even During Silicone Material Shortages

You may have heard about recent raw material shortages in the silicone industry. These shortages are due to lowered production capacity due to fewer production resources, and increased demand in Chinese markets.

There are no production resources to step-in to replace this lost volume of these raw materials in the near future. The result is the current shortage will continue for some time to come. Some silicone sealant suppliers will become less and less reliable as resources for the products you need. You may begin to see out-of-stock and long delivery timeline messages become more common from manufacturers who rely on third-party resources to supply them with the silicone materials they use to produce products.

In the midst of shortages there is good news too. You have relied on DOWSIL products (formerly Dow Corning) to bring brand names you know and trust to the market for years. The history of DOWSIL products dates back to the beginning of the silicone sealant industry. The DOWSIL supply line is first tier, and DOWSIL products have a guaranteed pipeline of materials ensuring the production of sealant products even in times when shortages are common.

DOWSIL silicone sealants contain 100% silicone with no extending agent additives that lower the quality of sealant products. (Click here to learn more about extending agents) You can count on these products to be in-stock and ready for delivery with no worry about shortages or production hold-ups. As always, DOWSIL is your RELIABLE resource for the highest quality products.

Find out more please contact Michelle Wolfe, your Marketing Manager at Lentus: 855-264-9021 or Fred Hoffmann, the Lentus National Sales Manager: 317-853-6737

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Master Distributor of Dow Corning Sealant Products and Distributor for Advanced Gloves and Dow Insulating Foams.


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